12 Best Gadgets of 2023 Overview – What’s Hot This Year So Far

The world of new tech and gadgets never stops moving. Each month, there is something new that everybody is talking about. 2023 has been another great year for innovative new gadgets and today, we’re going to take you through some of the very best of them.

While most lists stick to smartphones, tablets, and laptops, this list will offer more ‘out there’ products. You will see what we mean as you work your way through it. There are photo storage gadgets, lens cleaners, workout mirrors, pocket projectors, and more.

Ready? Sit back, relax, and read about what we feel are the 5 best new gadgets doing the rounds in 2023.

  1. The PhotoStick Omni

If you’re a professional photographer or somebody who takes a lot of pictures, you will know that storage eventually becomes a major issue. Well, not anymore thanks to the PhotoStick Omni. This USB stick will connect to your PC, smartphone, and tablet and automatically find, sort, and store up to 60,000 images and videos. Once transferred, you can delete the originals off your device and start storing anything new. You can just use the PhotoStick Omni whenever you want to free up more space.

  1. Vappeby Shower Speaker

If your voice is not cut out for singing in the shower, why not bring a speaker in so you can listen to proper music? We know what you’re thinking – this is a good way to get an electric shock. Well, the Vappeby Shower Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that utilises IP67 waterproofing to ensure that never happens. Plus, you can just leave the speaker hanging there for days. This is because the battery will last up to 80 hours when used at medium volume. When it does run out, you can just charge it up and go again!

  1. Peeps

Tired of traditional eyeglass cleaning methods that do little more than leave your lenses smeared and smudged? That is no longer an issue, as Peeps is a revolutionary new cleaning method that cleans your specs perfectly every time. It uses a two-step process that involves first wiping your lenses with a scratch-resistant cloth to remove dust and other particles and then a microfibre pad to rid the surface of fingerprints and any oil. Peeps is so effective that it is trusted by many of the world’s leading optometrists!

  1. Ooni Volt 12

In years gone by, owning a pizza oven would cost you a fortune and require a lot of space in your home. However, Ooni has released a range of affordable and portable pizza ovens you can use inside and out. The Ooni Volt 12 is one of the most popular ovens in the range and this portable pizza oven will cook restaurant-quality pizza within 90 seconds! The Ooni Volt 12 is electric-powered, so you will not have to mess around with wood pellets like other models. It’s also easier to clean and weather resistant – what’s not to like?

  1. Kailo Pain Patch

Another product causing waves is the Kailo Pain Patch. This all-natural pain patch can relieve body pain within as little time as 60 seconds. When placed on the painful area of your body, the Kailo Pain Patch will use micro-capacitors to communicate with the part of your brain that is sending it pain signals. Essentially, it tells the brain to reduce the pain you’re experiencing. The Kailo Pain Patch will work on any area of your body; you should feel relief in less than a minute.

  1. Bril

Providing an innovative solution to yet another common issue, Bril helps to protect your family against potential medical issues. It is a UV-C toothbrush case that kills off 99.9% of the bacteria in your toothbrush’s bristles. People often neglect their toothbrushes believing a quick rinse before brushing will eliminate unwanted bacteria. However, this bacteria could cause serious health issues if allowed to build up. Plus, the Brill case not only sterilizes your brush but also protects against build-up when you’re not using it.

  1. ChillPill

While this sounds like a tablet you might take, the ChillPill is an innovative pill-shaped device that helps to relieve stress and ensure a better night’s sleep. By holding it in your hand in bed, this drug-free device sends gentle stimulation to the part of the brain that controls your stress and anxiety levels. It calms your brain and will send you to sleep quicker than usual.

  1. Nix Biosensors

Anyone serious about fitness should consider purchasing the Nix Hydration Sensor. This smart device monitors your sweat levels and will deliver real-time hydration data to your smartphone or smartwatch. You will receive notifications telling you when to drink. It also lets you know what to drink and how much is optimal. This ensures optimal hydration whether running, working out, cycling, or performing any other fitness regime.

  1. VAHA S Fitness Mirror

The Vaha S Fitness Mirror brings the gym to you so that you do not have to go to the gym. This is a 32-inch high-definition touchscreen designed to look like a mirror. Now, you wouldn’t pay this much just to look at yourself to work out, would you? Well, it is more than a mirror as it comes packed with nearly a thousand workout classes and can even connect you with personal trainers in real time. Although pricey, this is the ideal accompaniment to anyone series about their workouts.

  1. KODAK Luma 150 Pocket Projector

Projectors are great for giving presentations but in general, they’re far from the most portable gadgets around. Lugging these things around makes you wonder if the presentation is worth it in the first place. Well, the Luma 150 from Kodak is the solution as it is small enough to fit in most bags and has the tech needed to deliver high-quality presentations. It will project a display of up to 150 inches and will run for a good two and a half hours before it needs recharging.

  1. Transparent Speakers

Everything looks better when it’s transparent, right? Well, apart from public toilets and poop scoopers. Well, speakers are the latest devices to get transparent treatment. Housed in tempered glass and produced by a Swedish developer, Transparent Speakers have become all the rage. They also allow room for upgrades via various modules located at the back. Now you can see the simplicity and beauty of speaker technology in all its glory.

  1. Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress

If you want to enjoy a life of good health, getting long and comfortable sleep regularly is about as important as it gets. However, traditional mattresses cannot always guarantee that this happens. Even regular memory foam mattresses are not effective for everyone. Well, the Simba Luxe Mattress uses a hybrid material to ensure ultra-comfort. That hybrid mix is open-cell foam combined with internal pockets of air. The latter allows the mattress to remove heat to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment.

Did We Miss Any?

We’re pretty sure we have covered many of the best new gadgets launched in 2023, but we’re also sure we probably missed some. Either way, those are some awesome new gadgets that we think will continue to sell well throughout the year.

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