Step-By-Step Process Of Solar Panel Manufacturing

Whenever we talk about the manufacturing of anything, the final result which comes out has to go through several processes. So today also, we are going to talk about the solar panel manufacturing process (ขั้นตอนผลิตโซล่าเซลล์, which is the term in Thai). So let us begin!

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Solar Panels

·       Selection Of Material:

The very first step is constantly collecting high-quality material for manufacturing. For the manufacturing of solar panels, the most essential material is silicon and other necessary materials.

·       Work with silicon:

After the silicon is extracted, it is put at a very high temperature to melt, after which the impurities will be removed. After this, the molten silicon is provided the shape of a cylinder.

After that, with the help of diamond wires, the silicon cylinder is cut into the shape of a thin sheet-like cylindrical structure. Which have been used as the base of solar cells.

·       Solar Cell:

The thin wafer-like silicon structures have now been cleaned and roughed on the surface of the silicon wafer to enhance the ability to absorb light. An element is being put which acts as a semiconductor to increase the flow of electrons. A coating is done on the front surface of the wafer to minimise the reflections of light. A contact with electricity is attracted to the backside of the cell.

·       Testing Of Solar Cell:

Every single cell has to go through the checking process to avoid any future discomfort; for that, the functionality of the cell has to be up to the mark.

·       Work With Solar Cells:

Now, the solar cells are interconnected with each other to make a section. After being connected, they are laminated by a weather-resistant material to neglect any harm provided by climate. A back sheet is fitted to the back side of the section, and a frame is included to provide stability to the section. An electrical box is fixed at the back of the cell.

·       Checking Quality:

The section has to go through a few quality check tests, then the performance tests, after that, whether it is reliable or not and then at last, the defects are checked.

·       Manufacturing Completed:

Solar panel providers are using sustainable techniques to avoid waste and reuse materials. Several research studies have been done to enhance solar panels and introduce some new techniques.

·       Solar Panels Installation:

After the manufacturing is done, they are directly installed on the rooftops or any place where light is appropriately available, which helps the people in many ways and also helps in the development of that area.

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