Make Cutting And Removing Tree Branches Easy And Efficient

The falling of a tree, tree care, and embankment maintenance are commonly hazardous jobs. These tasks turn more problematic when they happen along roads because conventional aerial job platforms and tree climbers are found with a certain reaching limit they can’t cross. In this situation, a tree care handler seems great as it comes with a telescopic boom. These tree care handlers can fall trees safely besides removing them. Hence, they turn out to be a feasible choice for saving time as well as lessening the dangers of meeting with accidents. These machines seem perfect for use even on busy roads; hence, they turn into ideal all-rounders for all kinds of tree services.

Introduction to SENNEBOGEN 718 E

To achieve the finest results for both customers and nature and continue an environmentally friendly operation, SENNEBOGEN 718 E works to live up to its reputation of “Green Efficiency.” This system seems to be incredible due to its potential to save fuel by up to 20 percent in EcoMode, and it seems excellent for both the wallet and surroundings. To get this equipment for sale, you need to rely on the best companies. No matter whether it is on the freeway directly or maintaining the landscape, you will find this material handler to be efficient in grabbing, cutting, transferring, and stacking the branches and sections of trees fast and efficiently. The best thing about this machine is it ensures optimal safety as well as comfort for the operator.

Incredible features

Some features that make SENNEBOGEN 718 E stand out are here – Radio,Auxiliary hydraulics, Bounded cabins, Backup camera, Outriggers, the machine is armed with DEF Tank and Diesel Particulate Filter, Heat and AC, Operator and maintenance manual. SENNEBOGEN 718 E provides several unbound benefits:

Compact and safety features

This vehicle can be transported easily due to its low weight. There are distinct potent hydraulic circuits that cater to different attachments. Has a sensitive and ideally tuned joystick that helps steer for ideal grab movements.

Different applications

SENNEBOGEN 718 E is perfect for every tree service operator. You can use it to clear up the storm debris. It can process fallen and storm-damaged trees. It is ideal for removing problematic trees due to their height and 13 m reach width. It can cut back vegetation on forest paths and roads.

The visibility factor

The viewing height of SENNEBOGEN 718 E is 6 meters. The operator can do his job by sitting on an air-suspension and ergonomically optimized seat. This vehicle has sliding doors, which makes the process easier to access. Sturdy defensive roof guard that can protect the operator from fallen branches.

Improved safety and visibility

Every job, such as cutting, loading, trimming, and stacking operations, is accomplished from the tilting and elevating cab of the operator.

Small footprint

SENNEBOGEN 718 E can do its job without halting traffic. Additionally, it can accomplish residential jobs, too, even when it does not tear up the terrain. 

Moderate operating costs

The moderate operating costs of SENNEBOGEN 718 E make it an ideal choice for various jobs. It is fuel efficient besides possessing intelligent hydraulics rather than complicated electronics. Therefore, it seems a wise decision to spend money on this equipment for sale. 

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