What is a dynamic mattress?

Dynamic mattresses are a type of air mattress that require an electricity supply, and they are aimed at vulnerable people and long-term patients in medical facilities. They are used to help relieve the impact of pressure sores and ulcers for patients who spend a lot of time in bed recovering and have been known to help speed up recovery due to the airflow and the release of pressure spread across the body rather than solely on the main pressure points where ulcers and sores appear over time.

A dynamic mattress consists of a range of air pockets or cells that are throughout the makeup of the mattress, and throughout the process they inflate and deflate in incremental steps to make for a smoother process all round. What this does is it helps to regulate the blood flow across the body of the patient. Within some dynamic mattresses there is also partial immersion and envelopment of the patient too, leading to the further reduction of stress and pressure. The intervals of air being pumped through the mattress helps to relieve pressure applied to the skin and subcutaneous tissues. 

How to choose a dynamic mattress

When you are selecting what type of mattress you need for your patients and residents you need to consider a few different factors, such as the type of therapy the mattress is intended for, the specific clinical needs of the patients, and the level of care that each patient requires. On top of that, you need to consider whether the pressure area care of your patients’ needs will be met by the mattress. 

How does a dynamic mattress work?

The air cells alternately inflate and deflate on a continuous, slow cycle of movement. This helps to relieve pressure on the body in a more organic way. Every patient is different, and there are different indicators and symptoms to look out for to help in selecting the type of dynamic mattress each patient needs for their care. As the technology has improved, there has been greater assistance and communication with caregivers to determine what needs to be improved upon within healthcare mattress technology. This includes the fact that cables and air tubes are no longer visible, preventing accidental disconnection, as well as the improvement on the control units to ensure that caregivers have complete and easy control over the performance of the mattress.

What is a pressure ulcer?

A pressure ulcer is a localised injury on underlying tissue that is the direct result of pressure or pressure in combination with shear. Pressure ulcers can affect people of all ages, but it is more common in those that have underlying health conditions, and the elderly, due to mobility issues and the ageing process of the skin. 

The importance of mattresses within healthcare settings cannot be understated. This is why the manufacturing process for medical mattresses, including a dynamic mattress for heavy and consistent use within a healthcare setting or a care home, takes on such crucial importance. Working with a company you can trust in the manufacture of mattresses and in the production of health care technologies, goes a long way to providing that quality and consistent high standard of bedding that is needed for so many patients and care home residents.

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